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World RX: Petter Solberg is fighting Sebastien Loeb for a piece of history


No driver has ever won two different FIA sanctioned World Championships. As discussed in an earlier post, Sebastien Loeb could be the first to achieve this distinction in 2014 with his competitive showings in the WTCC.

However, Petter Solberg (2003 World Rally Champion) might beat Loeb to it. Solberg scored a decisive victory in the first World Rallycross event of the year in Portugal and has marked himself out as a championship contender. The competition between Loeb and Solberg to become the first ‘cross-category’ champion will add an extra twist to their racing.

Sebastien Loeb lies second in the WTCC title race but despite his impressive raw pace he will find it hard to beat his more consistent teammate, Jose Maria Lopez. Petter Solberg was a little bit lucky in Portugal (his main rival was baulked during the semis and therefore missed the final) but probably has a better chance of winning the World RX title than Loeb does of winning the WTCC. It will be interesting to see if either can make history in 2014.

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F1: Tensions have increased at Mercedes and they’re only going to escalate


Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were full of beans after their thrilling fight for victory in Bahrain. They jokingly wrestled in parc-ferme and talked about their battle through a flurry of hugs and backslaps behind the podium.

There was none of that in Barcelona. Rosberg consciously avoided Hamilton in parc-ferme and, beyond a frosty handshake, there was barely a glance exchanged between them after the race. Within the space of just two Grands Prix the mood has definitely changed at Mercedes.

That intra-team tension translates directly onto the circuit. Hamilton’s agitated radio messages give an indication of the pressure he is feeling inside the car from Nico’s side of the garage.

With their rivalry escalating, Hamilton and Rosberg run the risk of destroying their working relationship in spectacular fashion. Mercedes is gradually edging closer to a ‘Turkey 2010’ moment that defines the 2014 season.

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