IndyCar: Will Power is creating some great sporting theatre


The final race of the 2012 IndyCar season was one of the most remarkable in recent history. Will Power entered the season finale with a 17 point advantage over his nearest rival and partway through the race he was comfortably on-track to become champion. Shockingly, Power lost focus, crashed into the wall, and threw away the title at the very last hurdle. It was a dreadful mistake to make with the ultimate prize in sight. This huge moment was all the more incredible because Power had lost the 2010 championship during the final race by doing exactly the same thing. History had repeated itself in the cruellest of ways.

In addition to those two near misses, Power also finished runner up in 2011 – another season that went down to the final race. He is always the bridesmaid but never the bride.

With two races remaining in 2014, Will Power has yet another great opportunity to win the championship as he holds a 39 point advantage over his nearest rival. Either he will finally seal the deal and put an end to his personal torment, or he will choke once again and become runner up for the fourth time.

Regardless of the outcome, it’s going to be great sporting theatre.

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