IndyCar: Exhaustion and relief. Will Power’s reaction to winning the Indycar title is beautiful to watch


Will Power entered the final IndyCar race of 2014 with a significant points lead but, having lost the title during the final round three times before, his history of missed chances weighed heavy on his shoulders. Power described the days leading up to the race as the worst of his life and that pressure grew substantially after qualifying when a mistake left him 21st on the grid.

The pressure intensified further during the race as Helio Castroneves brought himself into a position to steal the title from Power. It was tense. Very tense. It must have been horrible inside Will Power’s car where he had to deal with handling problems as the laps wore down.

When the chequered flag came out, and Will Power’s ninth place was enough to secure the championship, he crossed the finish line in tears. When he got back to pitlane there were no fist pumps, no screams, no wild celebrations with mechanics. Will just sat in his car exhausted. He was so emotionally drained that he could barely speak when a camera was eventually thrust in front of him. Will clearly outlined his personal torment, his relief, and did so with pure honesty. It was beautiful. I highly recommend clicking here to watch the interview as it was the sort of emotionally raw moment that makes sport so compelling.

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