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F1: Drivers dream of holding a Monaco Grand Prix trophy. Burglars clearly don’t

Thieves steal 60 trophies from Red Bull, yet throw one of the most famous of them on the ground.

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FE: There’s an interesting quirk in the data from the Buenos Aires ePrix


The Argentine Formula E race was a crazy event filled with accidents and penalties that produced an unusual statistic. Thanks to the chaos, and the fact Antonio Felix da Costa was cruising to victory when the track was in its best condition, there were 12 drivers who set faster race laps than the winner. 12 is a lot when only 14 cars finish the race.

Proof once again that to finish first, you first have to finish.

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Dakar: Some of the scariest footage of a rally crash you’ll ever see

Footage of the El Martillo Racing crash in the recent Dakar Rally resembles an aircraft accident. The surprise appearance of a flying car that catches fire amongst screaming onlookers is horrifying.

Thankfully the driver (Matt Campbell), co-driver (Luis Ramirez), and navigator (Nico Ambriz) all escaped serious injury.

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F1: Why not let GP2 cars start a Grand Prix?


There are a lot of reasons why GP2 cars should never be eligible to start a Formula One Grand Prix. Aside from all the technical and sporting issues, it would significantly reduce the value of the sport and the teams taking part. It could also start a downward spiral into spec-series oblivion.

However, for the sake of playing devil’s advocate, here are six reasons why boosting the F1 grid with the ten fastest GP2 runners could work:

  • It has been done before so isn’t a radical new idea. Formula 2 cars used to run during Grands Prix regularly up until the 1970s.
  • The sport needs backmarkers – but often they’re only featured on TV during the first few corners. GP2 cars would fill that gap.
  • MotoGP does it at the moment. The open class bikes at the back of the grid make the first lap look exciting on TV, which is one of the reasons why they exist.
  • Last year the GP2 cars were about the same speed as the Caterham and Marussia drivers, so they aren’t miles off the pace.
  • GP2 cars would provide more action near the tail end of a Grand Prix.
  • It would make the GP2 feature race on a Saturday an absolute must-watch event. The top ten finishes get to start the Formula One Grand Prix!
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