V8SC: Australian V8 Supercars are drawing massive crowds

The V8 Supercars start testing this weekend at Sydney Motorsport Park and the single-day crowd is expected to top last year’s record of 17,600. That’s a lot of spectators when there’s no racing taking place.

It helps highlight just how big the Australian V8 Supercar crowds are in comparison to other events around the world. It’s amazing to think more people went to the Friday sessions of the Adelaide V8 round last year than the German Formula One Grand Prix, where a German won in a German car. Just imagine if South Australia had the same population as Germany (it’s 48 times smaller). The below table has a few more comparisons which make for interesting reading.


It’s worth noting the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide is a marquee event and other V8 races don’t get that sort of crowd. However, 17,000+ to a test day and 229,000 over a weekend is mighty impressive for a domestic touring car series in a country with a relatively small spread-out population.

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