WRC: Tanak’s lake crash was incredible. So was the overnight salvage mission

If you have nightmares about being trapped inside a car filling with water, this isn’t the video for you. Beyond the terrifying footage, there are some other incredible things about Ott Tanak’s crash into a lake during Rally Mexico, not least of which is that his team salvaged and repaired the car!

  • Ott Tanak and his co-driver, Raigo Molder, were out in seconds and escaped injury.
  • The team salvaged the car and after comprehensive repairs (most of which were completed within a narrow three hour service window) they had it up and running the next day. That’s amazing! They had to dry some components in the sun, and although the car didn’t smell pretty, Tanak went on to finish the rally in 22nd place.
  • After the crash, Raigo Molder had the peace of mind to grab his handwritten pace notes out of the sinking car so they wouldn’t go to waste. He was able to dry them page by page overnight.
  • Tanak competes with a yellow duck strapped to the handbrake for good luck. Tanak said he’ll retire the ominous mascot after their unexpected bath.
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