Moto3: 15 year old Fabio Quartararo is the real deal


Keep an eye out for a French teenager called Fabio Quartararo. The 15 year old has already won six junior championships, including the last two Spanish Moto3 titles, and is now competing in the Moto3 World Championship. He is the youngest rider on the grid and was only allowed to compete because organisers changed the 16 year age limit to accommodate him. This has thrust Quartararo into the spotlight but he is living up to the hype. He set new lap records to dominate winter testing and when racing got underway in Qatar last week he was able to fight with the leaders for victory. Quartararo hit the lead in the dying stages of his first Grand Prix, and although he wasn’t able to hold on for the win, he did enough to prove he belonged with the best in the world. Fabio reportedly has a very strong work ethic, a fierce training regime, and seems to remain calm under pressure.

This kid is the real deal. His first Moto3 Grand Prix win – which could come before he turns 16 – will be a huge moment for the sport. Remember his name and keep an eye out for him as he gains experience because the next Marc Marquez could be on the way.

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