WEC: The 2015 World Endurance Championship is incredibly close


Not only have speeds increased in the WEC this year but the racing has become mighty close. At the first race of the season the winning margin between Audi and Porsche was just 4.6 seconds. That’s barely anything. The race was a thriller, and although the split between those same two cars was bigger three weeks later at Spa Francorchamps, it was still only 13.4 seconds. That’s a cumulative gap of just 18 seconds after 12 hours and 2,416km of racing – and that’s without any safety cars bunching up the field! It’s amazing how close the racing has been, especially when you consider that Audi and Porsche use two completely different types of engine. The regulations that allow a 2-litre V4 engine to be competitive against a 4-litre V6 (by using more electrical energy) are working perfectly.

Hopefully it stays that way over 24 hours at Le Mans.

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