MotoGP: It sounds like Cal Crutchlow raced at Mugello with a concussion


It was interesting to read Cal Crutchlow’s tweets after the Italian MotoGP because they suggested he raced with a fairly decent concussion.

When I started the race I was struggling to focus with vision after my hard crash and impact to my head this morning… I was happy with my performance consider circumstances with my head and hand.

MotoGP riders are famous for riding with nasty injuries but a concussion is very different to a broken bone. Head injuries in sport are treated cautiously these days, especially since a second knock to the head whilst concussed (second impact syndrome) can result in horrific brain trauma. Crutchlow would not have received medical clearance to drive a Grand Prix car feeling like that, so maybe it’s a little surprising he was on the bike. Brave stuff.

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