MotoGP: A controversial skirmish has taken the Rossi-Marquez rivalry to a new level

This incident has caused plenty of debate over the last few days so have a go playing the role of race steward and judge for yourself.

Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez came together on the last corner of the Dutch MotoGP during their spectacular fight for victory. Rossi skated across the gravel and won the race but Marquez believes Valentino should’ve been penalised for cutting the corner.

Here’s what both riders had to say.

Marc Marquez: “I feel that we won the race. I don’t think anybody wanted the contact but I think what I did was the perfect last chicane. When we had the contact we were already in the same position. I was not back. I think he already saw me. What I know is I did the correct way because I didn’t go outside the track.”

Valentino Rossi: “Maybe it’s better that we see the images another time as everybody has his own idea. My idea is that I was completely in front. I braked hard, I stayed in the centre, and I was already into the first part when he came onto me. I just saw the tyre and he touched me on the elbow. I wanted to make the chicane and I was on the line. Unfortunately his touch put me on the outside and I didn’t have a chance to stay on the line. When I went into the gravel my first reaction was to open the throttle because I didn’t know if it was deep. I was lucky to control the bike. This is my version. We know his version.”

Race stewards took no action because they deemed the clash to be a racing incident but plenty of observers (including Marquez) have questioned what they might’ve done if Valentino Rossi wasn’t the beneficiary. Did Rossi gain an unfair advantage, or was he the victim of a desperate lunge from Marquez? Either way, this epic rivalry has escalated another notch.

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