IndyCar: Some of the stats behind Scott Dixon’s championship victory

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Juan Pablo Montoya started the year’s final IndyCar race as raging favourite to win the title but a clumsy collision with his teammate opened the door for Scott Dixon to steal the championship from under his nose. Dixon owes his success to the fact that no driver was able to stamp any authority on the 2015 season. Even Montoya, who led the championship for 15 of the 16 races, only claimed two victories and the below stats illustrate how 2015 was an especially competitive and mixed-up season.

  • Only 1 of the 16 races was won by the driver starting from pole position.
  • There were 9 different winners, and 12 different drivers who set the fastest lap during a race.
  • Scott Dixon led twice as many laps as Juan Pablo Montoya (306 v 145)
  • If double points didn’t apply at any races during the 2015 season, Scott Dixon would still have beaten Juan Pablo Montoya (by 4 points).
  • Scott Dixon’s average finishing position throughout the year was only 7th.
  • Of the 18 drivers who took part in every race during 2015, only 1 of them (Stefano Coletti) failed to lead a lap.
  • In 9 of the 16 races, the driver who led the most laps did not go on to win.
  • There were 256 lead changes in 2015, an average of 16 per race.
  • 425 laps were spent under full-course yellow conditions. That’s 19% of the total racing laps.
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