F1: If Monza was built to original plans, F1 could look very different today


Alfredo Rosselli’s original 1922 plans for the Monza Grand Prix circuit included two superspeedway ovals that could be linked together in order to create one massive 14km figure-of-eight layout. However, environmentalists were concerned at the number of trees that would be ripped out during construction, so a compromise was reached where only one oval was constructed and a road course was built using some of the pathways that already existed through the parkland.

Had those original plans gone ahead, the Italian Grand Prix would’ve become synonymous with superspeedway oval racing and the Formula One World Championship might’ve looked notably different when it officially kicked off in 1950. The German and British Grands Prix were held on oval circuits at different points prior to 1950, and the Indianapolis 500 counted towards the World Championship until 1961, so Formula One already came close to incorporating ovals into the calendar. A popular superspeedway at Monza might’ve been enough to tip the scales.

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