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TCR: Jordi Gene might’ve been a bit unlucky to be penalised for this incident

Here’s a chance to play the role of Race Steward. Officials blamed Jordi Gene (the red car) for causing this massive accident at Macau although the video suggests it might’ve actually been Rob Huff (the purple car) who triggered the chain reaction of events. The white lines on the road are a handy reference point for determining who hit whom first, and although the stewards might’ve had other camera angles at their disposal, it looks like Gene was a bit unlucky to get a €1000 fine.

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NASCAR: Kyle Busch won the Sprint Cup despite missing 11 races

Where else but NASCAR could you miss 11 races but still win the championship? Kyle Busch was in hospital with multiple leg injuries at the start of 2015 but took full advantage of the ‘elimination finals’ points system to win the Sprint Cup. That’s a mighty impressive comeback considering he missed almost 4 months worth of racing.


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WEC: Mark Webber has won his first championship of any kind

Congratulations to Mark Webber who has just won the World Endurance Championship for Porsche with Brendon Hartley and Timo Bernhard. Incredibly, at 39 years of age, it’s Webber’s first motorsport championship of any kind. Although most World Champions win junior titles on their way to the top, it’s been a long wait for Mark since the 1993 Karting Canberra Cup.

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ROC : Sebastian Vettel was beaten by an instructor in the Race of Champions

This is a great story. Bradley Philpot works as a racing instructor in the UK and won a place in the Race of Champions after a public vote. Once there, he beat none other than Sebastian Vettel in the skills challenge. Nice one. Wouldn’t be surprised if his hourly fees are about to go up!

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F1 : You can still crash into a tree at Interlagos

Perhaps not likely – but still possible.


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GP3: Esteban Ocon has finished 9 consecutive races in 2nd place


If you believe that second place is just “first of the losers” then spare a thought for Esteban Ocon. The 19 year old has finished 2nd in the last nine consecutive GP3 races! That is a frustrating run of consistency so Ocon will be keen to shake of his bridesmaid tag and score that elusive victory when the GP3 cars race in Bahrain this weekend.

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F1: Alex Wurz takes an unusual record with him into retirement

Alexander Wurz announced his retirement from motorsport this week after a 24 year driving career. Amongst his many achievements, Wurz holds the unofficial record for the fastest ever F1 crash. This video from McLaren testing in 2005 shows the moment Wurz hit the wall at over 300kph – and thankfully it also shows the moment he walked away.

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Moto3: This graph shows why it’s important to never give up in motorsport

With 5 races to go in the 2015 Moto3 season, Danny Kent had a massive 100 point advantage over Miguel Oliveira (that’s worth 4 race victories). It seemed certain that Kent would win the championship, but Oliveira went on a winning streak that took their battle down to the last few laps of the season. He wasn’t able to sneak the title away from Kent but he did enough to show the value in fighting until the very end.


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FE: The Putrajaya ePrix was crazy

Formula E has a tendency to throw up some crazy events but the recent Putrajaya ePrix was particularly special. To illustrate just how unpredictable the race was, Stephane Sarrazin started from the pitlane about a minute behind everybody else but still finished in 4th. Amongst the chaos, Robin Frijns completed a spectacular drive to 3rd with heavily damaged suspension. His valiant efforts are captured 30 seconds into this video.

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MotoGP: Dani Pedrosa has some amazing career statistics

Dani Pedrosa is the only MotoGP race winner in 2015 to finish the season scandal-free. Pedrosa often flies under the radar in the Rossi/Lorenzo/Marquez era but has amassed some amazing career statistics and deserves his place amongst the world’s best.

Dani Pedrosa

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