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A V10 F1 car sounds amazing on an oval circuit

Ever wondered what noise an angry mosquito would make if it was 500 times bigger? Maybe it would be something like this video that captures the wicked sound of an older V10 F1 car running on an oval without any gear changes and constant high revs. Imagine a whole field of these running for 2 hours!

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The Japanese Super Formula series is incredibly fast

Stoffel Vandoorne, the 2015 GP2 Champion who is being groomed by McLaren for an F1 seat, is set to join the Japanese Super Formula series next year. It might seem like an odd career move but the domestic championship is incredibly close to F1 levels of performance. Here’s a look at how the Super Formula cars compare against modern Grand Prix machinery at Suzuka.


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F1: Bring on the future

Earlier this month McLaren unveiled the MP4-X as “a vision of the future of the racing car”. When you compare the MP4-X with the similar concept designs from Red Bull and Ferrari it becomes clear that teams expect F1 cars will eventually end up with closed cockpits and wheel fairings. It also shows that a fundamental change to the concept of a Grand Prix car can still result in something that looks awesome. Bring on the future.

F1 Concepts

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MotoGP: This timeline looks at the tensions that escalated during 2015

2015 was a fiery MotoGP season thanks to a bitter rivalry that escalated between Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, and Jorge Lorenzo. This timeline illustrates how tensions increased throughout the year and might help explain the theory that what happened in November started way back in April.


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