World SSP: Moments like this make sport great.


Zulfahmi Khairuddin is a Supersport World Championship rider who hasn’t had a lot of great results, but last weekend he was brilliantly fighting for victory at his home race in Malaysia. Local organisers had used Khairuddin in publicity for the event but could not have expected how well he actually performed. With one corner to go, and thousands of screaming fans lining the track, Khairuddin ignored the safe option in second place and made one final lunge for the win. It didn’t work out, but at least he had a go and won’t be left wondering what might’ve been. Khairuddin’s ride sent the crowd into a frenzy and sparked celebrations you wouldn’t usually see for 2nd place in a Supersport race. Just like Rocky Balboa, you don’t always need to win to earn huge respect.

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