Motorsport at the Olympic Games


Motorsport was part of the 1900 Paris Olympics (France won 41 of the 44 medals available for a series of car, truck & bike trials) and although it doesn’t look like returning anytime soon, it’s not inconceivable as an exhibition event. The section of the Olympic Charter that banned motorised sports was removed in 2007 so if the IOC ever wanted to promote a modern environmental message it could use some electric go-karts to run a series of heats and finals. Drivers usually represent a team or manufacturer, not their country, so an Olympic prize would be something special – a bit like a Race of Champions event that drivers took seriously.

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3 thoughts on “Motorsport at the Olympic Games

  1. cars4usa says:

    If they’d re-introduce motorsports at the Olympics, I’d definitely watch them!


  2. It’s a great idea!!
    Which country would you place a bet on winning ‘Gold’?

    Mine would be Finland!

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    • motorsportsnippets says:

      Finland is a really good pick with so many top drivers from such a small population! It would be great to find out who would come out strongest. If I had to guess I would maybe pick England since British drivers are well represented everywhere in motorsport.


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