MotoGP: There were some great stories to come out of Brno

Cal Crutchlow scored his first MotoGP victory at Brno and did so under exceptional circumstances. Cal had to fight back from 15th place on lap 3 and ended up overtaking almost the entire field in changeable conditions. That’s a great way to win any Grand Prix let alone your first! It was quite fitting that Crutchlow broke the 35-year victory drought for British riders whilst riding bike number 35.

John McPhee also took his first Grand Prix victory at Brno although he came under immense pressure at the end of the Moto3 race when he almost threw it all away. McPhee’s tyres started to give out and with just a few laps to go he had a wild highside coming out of Turn 13. Incredibly, he landed back on his bike and kept it all together to reach the finish. It was a heart-in-mouth moment that McPhee could’ve done without whilst fighting for his first win.

Marc Marquez started his Brno pole position lap right behind Valentino Rossi, and whilst he made gains in Rossi’s slipstream, he had to overtake Valentino at the end of the lap to realise the full benefit. The result was a brilliant (and aggressive) move briefly caught at 25 seconds on the highlights video below. It was pretty special to see pole position decided by a wheel-to-wheel battle in qualifying between two bitter rivals.

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