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Flashback to last year’s crazy Daytona 24hr finish

The Daytona 24 Hour takes place this weekend, so here’s a flashback to last year’s event when the GTLM winning margin was just 3 hundredths of a second! This Corvette promo video captures it brilliantly (from the 4 minute mark).

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F1: A great behind the scenes look at Red Bull

This short video is a great behind-the-scenes look at Red Bull’s F1 factory (including their cool storage warehouse) and it helps show how much work is involved building a Grand Prix car. No surprise they featured a guy with a can of Red Bull on his desk.

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In 1994 Renault put an F1 engine in an Espace van

We’ve all seen cars modified with ridiculously large engines but this one is pretty special. In 1994 Renault fitted an Espace van with a V10 Formula One engine and the sound is simply fantastic. The centre of gravity wasn’t ideal but at least the van could accelerate to 200kph in under 7 seconds.

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Peugeot have assembled a Dakar dream team (again)

The Dakar Rally starts today and for the second year running Peugeot has assembled a dream team. They have the 2 most successful Dakar competitors of all time, the most successful WRC driver of all time, and the driver who used to hold that record. It’s worth noting 3 of them hit trouble last year and the 4th had his victory protested by rivals so the mega line-up is no guarantee of success.


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This will always be the most exciting Supercars moment at Homebush

Supercars raced at Homebush for the last time ever in 2016 and this video captures what must be the most exciting moment in the circuit’s 8 year history. The final round of the 2010 season provided a Hollywood scenario where the top 3 drivers in championship contention were fighting nose-to-tail for the race lead. Rain arrived, they stayed on slicks, and the title fight exploded in just one corner.

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F1: Max Verstappen made the most overtakes in 2016

Data was released earlier this week confirming Max Verstappen made more overtaking manoeuvres than any other F1 driver in 2016, which perhaps isn’t a surprise (he held the same record last year too). In this brilliant video Verstappen tells Martin Brundle how his work behind the Safety Car, and his experience on a quadbike, helped him climb 13 places in 14 laps at the end of the Brazilian GP.

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Valentino Rossi has won the Monza Rally for a 5th time

Although the Monza Rally is more of an obstacle course than a rally, Valentino Rossi was still strong enough to beat the likes of Dani Sordo (Hyundai’s WRC driver) and Marco Bonanami (Audi endurance driver). Event organisers do well to convert the Grand Prix circuit and banking into 178km worth of rally stages.

Monza Rally Show 2016 Day2 📽 by @gopro Scuderia VR46 @uccioyellow46 @robertobrivio @alenbollini @camilss

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