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Indy Lights: An interesting battle is brewing between two young Indy hopefuls


An intriguing rivalry has emerged in this year’s Indy Lights series between Zach Veach and Gabby Chaves. Both drivers are a cut above the others but it’s fascinating how the their results are split straight down the middle.

Chaves took pole position for the first race at St Petersburg but Veach got ahead at the start and produced a dominant victory. Two weeks later at Long Beach the roles were perfectly reversed. Veach had pole but Chaves took revenge when he led into the first corner and stayed there to level the score.

The next round in Alabama consisted of two weekend races. Veach took pole and dominated on the Saturday. Chaves took pole and dominated on the Sunday. A beautiful mirror image.

One of them will surely be crowned 2014 champion but it’s interesting that neither can yet maintain an advantage over the other for an entire weekend.

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