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Red Bull teammates come together … again

Jamie Whincup hit Shane van Gisbergen in the latest Supercars round which continues a fine motorsport tradition of Red Bull teammates crashing into each other.


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World RX: Petter Solberg copped a controversial penalty in Latvia

There was huge controversy in the World Rallycross Championship in Latvia when the main championship rivals banged doors during the Saturday heats. Petter Solberg was disqualified from Q2 for the incident with Mattias Ekstrom (who himself received a warning) which seems like a harsh penalty in a motorsport that prides itself on rough racing. You can judge Solberg’s hit-and-run for yourself in this video.


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WorldRX: This video is a must watch

It shows everything that’s great about Rallycross, including hard racing, broken cars, and drama right to the finish in a race lasting just a few minutes. If you’re not familiar with Rallycross, or if you missed the Hockenheim action, you’ve simply got to check this out!

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World RX: Rallycross teams have started using an interesting new tactic


Teams in the FIA World Rallycross Championship have started rubbing dirt onto their new tyres to prevent rivals from working out when they’re using fresh rubber. Clever. Attention to detail is everything in motorsport.

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World RX: Petter Solberg has missed a World RX final for the very first time


Up until last weekend, Petter Solberg had qualified for every single World Rallycross final since the FIA championship started 18 months ago. That’s an incredible run of success which highlights why Solberg is a deserving World Champion.

At least Solberg got knocked out of last week’s Canadian semi-finals in style, bumping into other drivers whilst fighting for the lead. You can click here to skip 45 seconds into the YouTube clip featuring Solberg’s attempted heroics.

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World RX: The last corner of the World Rallycross final in Sweden was fantastic

The World Rallycross Championship always delivers great action but the final corner of yesterday’s final at Holjes was pretty special. Timmy Hansen made a wild lunge for victory, and although he wasn’t allowed to keep the win, it was still worth it for the entertainment value. Great stuff.

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World RX: Petter Solberg is fighting Sebastien Loeb for a piece of history


No driver has ever won two different FIA sanctioned World Championships. As discussed in an earlier post, Sebastien Loeb could be the first to achieve this distinction in 2014 with his competitive showings in the WTCC.

However, Petter Solberg (2003 World Rally Champion) might beat Loeb to it. Solberg scored a decisive victory in the first World Rallycross event of the year in Portugal and has marked himself out as a championship contender. The competition between Loeb and Solberg to become the first ‘cross-category’ champion will add an extra twist to their racing.

Sebastien Loeb lies second in the WTCC title race but despite his impressive raw pace he will find it hard to beat his more consistent teammate, Jose Maria Lopez. Petter Solberg was a little bit lucky in Portugal (his main rival was baulked during the semis and therefore missed the final) but probably has a better chance of winning the World RX title than Loeb does of winning the WTCC. It will be interesting to see if either can make history in 2014.

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