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The 2017 Toyota Racing Series was a thriller

The Toyota Racing Series crams 15 races into a 4 week tour of New Zealand and finished with a championship thriller. The top 3 in the title chase started the final race separated by just 2 points, which is ridiculously tight when there’s 75 points available for a win. The 3 contenders ran nose-to-tail early on, but Thomas Randle passed Pedro Piquet after a safety car restart to win a topsy-turvy 2017 championship battle.


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TRS: You probably haven’t seen the Toyota Racing Series but it’s worth checking out


It’s hard to find coverage of the Toyota Racing Series but if you ever stumble across the action-packed highlights they’re well worth a look. The championship squeezes 5 rounds into 5 weeks and runs Formula 3 spec cars around some interesting circuits in rural New Zealand (some of which barely have FIA approval). It all happens in January and February which allows drivers to compete during the European winter. This year there are 13 different nationalities represented on the grid, all of whom will be aiming to follow Dany Kvyat’s path from the series into Formula One.

Lance Stroll from the Ferrari Driver Academy is the man to beat halfway into the 2015 season. It will be interesting to see if the 16 year old uses success in the Toyota Racing Series as a springboard to other projects with Ferrari’s backing, or if another young hopeful can topple him before the championship is over.

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