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F3: Formula Three officials stopped a race early due to poor driving standards

After a series of wild Formula Three accidents at Monza on Saturday (see the video) officials warned drivers that Sunday’s racing would be stopped if the racing standards didn’t improve. Incredibly, the sloppy racecraft did continue on Sunday and the officials followed through with their threat to send everyone home early. The final race of the weekend was stopped with 11 laps remaining and half points were awarded because the driving standards were “not acceptable”. That’s one of the strangest red flags you’ll ever see.

The decision sent a clear signal to drivers that careless manoeuvres won’t be tolerated. Unfortunately, it also punished those who did nothing wrong, particularly Felix Rosenqvist who only received half points for his win (something that could have championship implications). It will be interesting to see how officials target racing incidents from now on.

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F3: Felix Rosenqvist overtook 51 cars in 36 laps


Felix Rosenqvist currently lies second in the European Formula Three Championship, which is quite amazing because there have only been three races so far and he started two of those from last on the grid! At the recent Silverstone round Rosenqvist surged from 35th to 7th in race two, and made it up to 12th in race three, giving him the distinction of passing 51 cars in 36 racing laps (and making him a championship favourite). Great stuff.

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