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2017 isn’t like 1965, but Fernando Alonso has a dream…

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Last weekend’s Indy 500 had an unrivalled atmosphere


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Indycar: This is simply a fantastic story

James Hinchcliffe has taken pole position for the 100th Indianapolis 500 after almost being killed at the same event last year. Hinchcliffe was lucky to survive his accident 12 months ago when a piece of suspension pierced the cockpit and severed an artery in his leg. The amount of blood he lost before reaching hospital was life threatening, so to claim pole position on his return to Indianapolis is a brilliant way to cap his recovery. It’s also a special moment for the local safety crews whose quick thinking saved his life. This great 4 minute feature covers Hinchcliffe’s long road to rehabilitation.

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Safety Truck 3 fastest at Indy

Practice for the Indianapolis 500 was cancelled yesterday due to rain which meant ‘Safety Truck 3’ topped the timesheets ahead of some stiff competition.


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IndyCar: Indianapolis 500 statistics since 2011 are amazing

The Indianapolis 500 has an incredible history covering 99 races since 1911. With so many years worth of statistics, it’s amazing to see how the last 5 races compare to all the others. When you look at various Indianapolis records and rank all races from 1 to 99, it seems we’re currently enjoying the most exciting and competitive era of Indy 500 history.


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IndyCar: There is still an awful lot to learn about aerodynamics

In 1961, Ferrari put a spoiler on the back of their Le Mans sportscar for the first time. In an effort to disguise this new aerodynamic development, Ferrari cheekily told rivals the spoiler was only there to stop fuel splashing onto the exhaust during pitstops!

Although nobody would fall for that same trick today, the fact that three cars have suffered massive airborne accidents at Indianapolis this week (despite being specifically designed to prevent flipping) suggests there is still an awful lot to learn about aerodynamics.

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IndyCar: Helio Castroneves has had close calls at Indianapolis before

Helio Castroneves made headlines today for his massive crash during practice for the Indianapolis 500, but he came within inches of an equally spectacular accident at Indy in 2007. Watch the video below and keep an eye out for the pitwall.

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