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F3: The Macau Grand Prix was a last lap thriller

If you haven’t yet seen the finish to last weekend’s Macau F3 Grand Prix it is well worth checking out. The two leaders threw everything at victory and it all came down to a wild final corner where both drivers had their own separate accidents.

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A collection of interesting videos from Macau

Laurens Vanthoor had a spectacular weekend in Macau winning the 2016 FIA GT World cup after flipping onto his roof. Vanthoor’s frightening high speed accident brought out the red flags and, since the race as not restarted, the result was taken from the previous lap. Vanthoor was declared the winner which created an unusual situation that guaranteed him plenty of attention.

In case you missed it, here’s Vanthoor’s lucky escape. He travelled an awful long distance on his roof.

Stefano Comini also had an eventful time in Macau. It was the final round of the 2016 TCR International Series and Comini had an outside chance of winning the championship if something went horribly wrong for his main rival, James Nash. Incredibly, that’s exactly what happened. Nash was caught up in a collision with another driver which took him out of the first race and forced him to start the second near the back. Comini (whose hipster beard is now so long it sticks out of his balaclava) took full advantage and scored enough points to claim a surprise championship victory.

Comini had earlier put on a show during practice and qualifying by taking an unusual line through the tight Melco hairpin.

Stefano’s slide into Melco wasn’t a one off in the wet. He tried the same tactic in the dry as well.

Comini certainly isn’t the first to take the Melco hairpin with a handbrake, and perhaps he took some inspiration from Sebastien Loeb’s efforts a few years back.

Some claim Melco is the tightest corner international motorsport so whilst it lends itself to handbrake turns it’s also a great place to stick a 360 degree spherical camera. Here’s a rather unusual interactive view from right on the apex.

Macau is a brilliant circuit and although this last video isn’t from 2016 it’s a great illustration of how crazy the place can be. Enjoy a lap onboard with Peter Hickman’s 999cc BMW.

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Flashback to the 1990 Macau Grand Prix : Schumacher vs Hakkinen

The Macau F3 GP takes place this weekend so here’s a great flashback to the 1990 event when Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen crashed whilst fighting for the lead. Neither driver accepted full responsibility and the incident planted a seed that grew into a legendary F1 rivalry. One story claims Schumacher spoke to Hakkinen quite nicely after the Macau race but was later very critical of Mika in the press. Hakkinen didn’t appreciate Michael’s approach to the media so when the two drivers clashed again at Spa Francorchamps in 2000 he did the complete opposite (lecturing Michael in private but remaining calm and friendly for reporters).

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TCR: Jordi Gene might’ve been a bit unlucky to be penalised for this incident

Here’s a chance to play the role of Race Steward. Officials blamed Jordi Gene (the red car) for causing this massive accident at Macau although the video suggests it might’ve actually been Rob Huff (the purple car) who triggered the chain reaction of events. The white lines on the road are a handy reference point for determining who hit whom first, and although the stewards might’ve had other camera angles at their disposal, it looks like Gene was a bit unlucky to get a €1000 fine.

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