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Max Verstappen & Daniel Ricciardo have joined the club of Red Bull teammates that have crashed into each other

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F1: A great behind the scenes look at Red Bull

This short video is a great behind-the-scenes look at Red Bull’s F1 factory (including their cool storage warehouse) and it helps show how much work is involved building a Grand Prix car. No surprise they featured a guy with a can of Red Bull on his desk.

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Red Bull teammates come together … again

Jamie Whincup hit Shane van Gisbergen in the latest Supercars round which continues a fine motorsport tradition of Red Bull teammates crashing into each other.


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Max Verstappen’s big opportunity is also a big risk


In 1994 the Benetton Formula One team dropped an underperforming driver halfway through the season in favour of a young charger called Jos Verstappen. Jos was hugely talented but the sudden opportunity with a winning team was arguably too much too soon. Despite his natural speed, Verstappen struggled with inexperience and was dropped by Benetton 4 months later.

Fast forward to 2016 and Red Bull are taking a similar chance with Max Verstappen. The youngest driver in F1 history is a champion in the making but competing alongside Daniel Ricciardo without much preparation will expose him to a lot of pressure and expectation very early in his career. Red Bull have shown they don’t offer many second chances so Verstappen’s big opportunity is also a big risk. Thankfully Max can ask his Dad for advice.

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F1: Bring on the future

Earlier this month McLaren unveiled the MP4-X as “a vision of the future of the racing car”. When you compare the MP4-X with the similar concept designs from Red Bull and Ferrari it becomes clear that teams expect F1 cars will eventually end up with closed cockpits and wheel fairings. It also shows that a fundamental change to the concept of a Grand Prix car can still result in something that looks awesome. Bring on the future.

F1 Concepts

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F1: Drivers dream of holding a Monaco Grand Prix trophy. Burglars clearly don’t

Thieves steal 60 trophies from Red Bull, yet throw one of the most famous of them on the ground.

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