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Moto3: The Moto3 championship is brilliant and you should watch it (if you can)


Last year’s Moto3 championship was a Hollywood thriller that came down to the last corner of the last lap of the season. It was arguably the best championship battle of any racing series in 2013 and there’s every indication the current Moto3 season will continue developing into something just as spectacular.

Moto3 always features exciting pack racing but it’s the rivalries and the different backgrounds of each rider that make the races so special. There are five contenders for the 2014 title and each has a unique story that gives the championship fight such wonderful context.

Alex Rins – The pre-season favourite.
Rins lost the World Championship on the last corner of the last lap in 2013 and is out for revenge. He started the season as the man to beat but, surprisingly, is yet to win a race. Rins has been competitive but the pressure is growing fast to reach the top step.

Jack Miller – The current championship leader.
Miller was impressive last year on less competitive machinery but has now moved into a winning team where he is flourishing. The great thing about Miller is that he doesn’t just settle for points but fights aggressively for wins. Crucially, that aggression is controlled and he uses his head. Miller’s riding is enjoyable to watch, much like his break-dancing celebrations.

Romano Fenati – Valentino Rossi’s protégé.
Fenati is an exciting young rider who, like Miller, has found himself on a quicker bike this year and is using it to win races. Fenati controversially crashed into Miller at the last corner in Argentina which has sparked a heated rivalry between them.

Efren Vazquez – The Moto3 veteran.
Vazquez has taken part in over 100 grands prix since 2008 but is yet to score a victory. This year has been his most impressive and Vazquez has shown the speed required to win races. He really should’ve won for the first time in France but made a series of mistakes under pressure. He clashed with Miller twice during that race and physically remonstrated with him on the warm down lap, giving Miller another bitter rival on the grid.

Alex Marquez – Brother of Marc.
He finished 2013 fighting for wins so entered this year as a championship contender. He was all set to win the first race in Qatar but spectacularly choked on the last lap. Pressure is growing on him as he falls behind in the points battle, but Marquez is mighty quick so has the raw speed to catch up.

You really should watch a Moto3 race in 2014 if you ever get the chance because there is plenty of fascinating context behind the close racing.

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