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It’s always a good time to watch Nick Heidfeld at Goodwood in 1999

The Goodwood Festival of Speed was on earlier this month, so it’s a good excuse to look back at Nick Heidfeld’s appearance in 1999. Rather than mess around with burnouts for the crowd, Heidfeld gunned a modern McLaren F1 car up the Goodwood hill as quickly as possible and his record time still stands to this day. The video is worth it for the sound alone.

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Romain Dumas is on a roll!

Just 7 days after winning the world’s most prestigious sportscar race at Le Mans, Dumas has also won the world’s most prestigious hillclimb at Pikes Peak.

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Hill climb: Technical problems have stopped Honda from doing something awesome this weekend


The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb takes place this weekend and, up until today, Honda was planning to enter the event with an LMP2 car piloted by Justin Wilson. Practice has started on the mountain but Honda has been forced to withdraw due to technical issues they can’t fix on site. It’s a huge shame because a carbon fibre 500hp Le Mans prototype, with an ex Grand Prix driver behind the wheel, would’ve been epic on the winding mountain road – perhaps even a little bit insane.

Honda said this was an exploratory trip in preparation for a full assault in 2016 so they will be back next year. Hopefully their interest encourages other manufacturers to do the same. The road up Pikes Peak has only been tarmac since 2012 and that’s opened the doors for more varied machines (such as Le Mans prototypes it would seem). A new era of bonkers hill climb cars could be just around the corner.

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